Miller EnPak Power Unit

ORO Mechanic Truck With Miller Enpak



Yellow Box  ORO Design has been a pioneer in the integration of the Miller EnPak into the design of its bodies. Our EnPak mounting system is the most efficient on the market today, using up minimal storage space on the truck while allowing for full ventilation and service access on the unit. We are also the first service equipment manufacturer to implement the Miller EnPak on both a lube trucks and a tire bodies – both industry firsts.


Benefits of the Miller EnPak.

The Miller EnPak offers a number of benefits over traditional pump & PTO installations, including:

Yellow Box  Up to 30% reduction in fuel consumption from the elimination of chassis idling while
  running hydraulic and air systems while on the job site. With the EnPak, you can turn your
  truck off and still run all the systems on your truck.

Yellow Box  Up to 36% Less Engine Hours and 50% Less Idle Time on the chassis, which translates
  directly into longer work truck life.

Yellow Box  Up to a 79% Reduction in Maintenance Costs on the truck chassis. Extended chassis
  idling increases preventative maintenance costs and can lead to issues with diesel
  particulate filters clogging up prematurely.



Yellow Box  Hydraulic Pump: 20 GPM variable displacement hydraulic pump to run cranes and other hydraulic systems

Yellow Box  Air Compressor: High-flow 60 CFM rotary screw air compressor, which can run 1 inch impact wrenches and air-powered fluid pumps with ease.

Yellow Box  Generator: Producing 6,000 watts of continuous 120/240 volt, 60Hz power for demanding applications such as welding. The generator uses a direct drive, brushless design to eliminate costly maintenance on belts and brushes.

Yellow Box  Enverter™ Technology: delivers up to 2,400 watts of continious 120 V, 60 Hz, pure sine wave power at low engine speeds, providing power for many tools and lights while reducing fuel consumption and decreasing job site noise.

Yellow Box  On-Board Welding Capabilities: Pair your EnPak unit with a range of SuitCase® welders such as the Miller Maxstar 150S or 200STR for on-site welding capabilities in a compact unit.

Yellow Box  Low Noise: On a busy jobsite, noise reduction can improve the overall working environment and even make the jobsite a safer place to be. EnPak's specially designed enclosure reduces sound output 10dB compared to a PTO system that is running all the time, regardless of the tools in use. With auto start/stop technology, EnPak only produces sound when it's in operation.

Yellow Box  Load Management System: monitors accessory requirements and precisely adjusts the engine's speed to match demand, delivering only the amount of power required and minimizing fuel used.

Yellow Box  Auto Start/Stop Technology: shuts off the engine when no accessory loads are detected, increasing fuel savings as well as reducing job site noise and exhaust emissions. When a crane function is used, the engine automatically starts up quickly.

















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