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ORO Articulated Chassis Fuel Truck




One   High Quality Construction.
   Engineered for Strength and Durability

All ORO fuel and water trucks are designed from the ground up for durability in harsh mining and off-road conditions. Tanks are available in both steel and aluminum construction with capacities up to 5,000 gallons for conventional chassis and 8,000 gallons on an articulated chassis. All tanks are spring-mounted with a composite isolation strip between the truck and tank frames to withstand off-road use. Fully welded steel fenders come standard over the axles as well as full-length rollover protection rails along the top of the tank to protect the man holes from damage in the event of a rollover. Our basic fuel and water truck packages also include a heavy-duty rear push bumper and tow hooks, underbody toolboxes, and a choice of either front or rear access ladder.

ORO 5000 Gallon Fuel Truck Off Road


Two   High Quality Pumps, Reels and Components - Built to Last.
    Found at the Heart of Every ORO Fuel and Water Truck

At the heart of a great fuel or water truck is a solid set of pumps, reels, and components built to last. Hose reels can be either electric or air powered and can include a variety of dispensing nozzles to meet your specific site requirements. Optional water spray bars and monitors are available for dust suppression applications. Multiple dispensing reels can be installed with multiple flow rates (i.e. one high flow and one low flow reel). Pumps are available in either hydraulic drive or PTO drive and loading can be accomplished through either a top load or bottom load valve. An enclosed reel compartment located at the rear or sides of the truck contain all hose reels and controls, providing a sealed and insulated cabinet to protect sensitive components from dust, dirt and cold climates.


Three   Truck Mounted Accessories for Any Job.
    Quality You've Come to Expect

A wide range of optional accessories are available for installation on every fuel and water truck to suit a variety of needs. Items such as underbody toolboxes, heating systems, and work site lighting can be installed seamlessly onto the truck. We also offer full air, hydraulic and electrical packages to ensure your truck is delivered ready to work.

ORO Combination Fuel and Lubrication Truck for Underground Mining


Four   Safety Systems Fully Integrated Into Every Vehicle.
   Safety Features That Ensure Your Operators are Always Covered

We believe that safety is always a concern, but with the right equipment you should never need to worry about it. All ORO fuel and water trucks incorporate a number of best-in-class safety features to ensure that your operators are always covered. To start, the top walkway of every tank is raised and grated using an aluminum safety-tread walkway to ensure a firm footing when working on top of the tank. Additionally, an air-operated fold up safety rail is installed along both sides of the tank to provide a tie off point when working above the tank. Fuel pumping systems are always interlocked with the chassis brakes, eliminating the possibility of the pump running while the truck is in motion.


Five   Maintenance and Support.
   Ensuring That Your Fleet is Ready for the Next Service Call

Equipment down time is never a good thing - it means lost revenue and repair costs, too. All ORO service equipment comes with a commitment that when equipment goes down, there is a full support network available to get things back up and running quickly. Whether its replacement parts and pre-packaged service kits or no-charge troubleshooting and full service repairs, ORO Design will be there to ensure your equipment is always ready and running for the next call that comes in.


ORO Off Road Fuel Truck Tank on a Float




















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