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One  Quality Body Construction.
   Engineered for Strength and Durability

ORO lubrication bodies are built tough to gurantee long lasting service and to handle heavy loads. We design all of our equipment for the open pit mining environment to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service. Every ORO lubrication body sets a new standard by incorporating a heavy duty steel frame utilizing 4 inch channel cross members and 1/4 inch steel checker plate flooring and is fully seal welded to contain oil within the body. Aluminum or steel sidewalls are available to meet a range of customer requirements.

The highest quality body and tank construction, a stainless steel rear frame, and a choice of steel or aluminum wall construction gives technicians a truck that will survive anything they throw at it. Lubrication equipment can also be mounted on trailers, service trucks, or inside a sea container, depending on the application and its requirements.

ORO Tote Lube Truck on a Float


Two  Intelligent Design.
   A Focus on Efficient Utilization of Limited Space

ORO lubrication bodies include a number of standard and optional features to maximize productivity and safety while working on site. Some of these features include underbody toolboxes to store tools and equipment, and a steel workbench with Integrated Oil Catchment that drains directly into the truck waste oil system.

Other options include welding bottle storage racks to safely store oxygen and acetylene gases while in transit as well as heavy-duty American Eagle mechanics toolboxes built tough with 500 lbs. drawer slides and a clothing organizer to store technician's spare uniforms and winter gear, allowing clothes to dry between jobs.


Three  Reel Module Compartment.
   A Modular Design For Easy Service Access

Every ORO lubrication body features a bolt-in modular reel section that can be quickly removed to allow full access to the inside of the body for service. Each module section incorporates a number of innovative design features with one goal in mind - to make oil changes simple.

Reel modules are available in enclosed winterized and open-style designs and use Reelcraft® brand hose reels for air, oil or grease dispensing, ensuring trouble-free operation and zero maintenance for the operators. Remote tank fluid monitoring systems as well as remote loading connections are also available with high-level shut off valves to prevent overfilling of the tanks.

ORO Mini Lube Mechanic Truck Body


Four  Lubrication Systems.
  An Infinite Number of Combinations Tailored to Each Specific Application

Whether you're considering a single waste oil recovery tank on a service truck or a 20 foot tandem lube body with 7 onboard products, ORO lubrication systems always use the highest quality components that have been proven reliable over numerous builds and many years of service. By using a standard set of building blocks, we can configure an infinite combination of systems and capacities, allowing us to tailor each lubrication body to your specific application.

With the ability to carry fresh oils, waste oil, antifreeze, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), water and pressure washing systems, as well as grease with either high or low pressure dispensing nozzles, there's no job you can't tackle while in the field. We exclusively use Graco® brand pumps on all of our lubrication systems to ensure reliability and consistency over time. As well, each fresh oil system has a dedicated high volume, high dirt-holding capacity filter canister rated to 3 micron plumbed in-line to ensure all dispensed oil is free of contaminants.

Five  Waste Oil Recovery System.
   Innovative Features to Manage Waste Oil Collection

Waste oil collection and containment is a key part of any mobile lubrication operation and can cause serious environmental and regulatory issues if not managed properly. Every ORO lubrication body incorporates a number of innovative features and systems to help your technicians manage waste oil collection efficiently and easily.

Our waste oil recovery system includes large capacity waste oil holding tanks, filter drain drawers, and a built-in oil spill recovery system inside the floor of the body to ensure spilt oil is fully contained. Our proprietary Kidney Loop® oil filtration system also helps significantly extend equipment oil life and the time between oil changes, saving you time and money.


ORO Lubrication Tandem Truck Servicing Loader

Six  Quick Change, Removable Oil Tote Design.
   A Revolutionary Design That Will Save You Time and Money

Oro Design & Manufacturing Ltd. has pioneered a revolutionary lube truck design that allows operators to quickly change out the tanks and oil drums on a body with a forklift - no transfer pumping required. This presents a complete shift in how lubrication service operations are run, virtualy eliminating wasted time spent transfering fluids on and off the truck using pumps. This is a problem made even worse in cold climates where cold, viscous oils further slow down the transfer process. Bodies can be designed to accept 1000 litre bulk oil polyethylene totes as well as 45 gallon drums, all of which can be used in conjunction with standard steel and aluminum fixed tanks.

Each removable tote has a quick connect aluminum lid, which contains all pumping and coolant heating lines for the tank. The lid includes a quick-lock vise closure, which securely fastens the proprietary heating element and pump lid to the tank. Oil can be drawn either from a bottom fitting on a tote or through a down pipe from the top of a drum.


Seven  Cold Weather Systems.
   Heating Systems Keep Fluids Running Through Harsh Canadian Winters

Harsh Canadian winters require heating systems to keep onboard fluids warm and give technicians a comfortable work environment protected from the elements. ORO lubrication bodies incorporate a number of heating and insulating features to ensure cold winter weather does not slow your operation down.

Some of these integrated cold weather systems include coolant and electric space heaters, in-tank heaters, fully heated air systems, a winterized reel module and a fully spray foam insulated body, all of which guarantee trouble-free operation on even the coldest days of the year.


ORO Mini Lubrication Single Axle Truck


Eight  Power Systems.
   Making Your Lube Truck Both Reliable and Cost-Effective

When designing your lubrication body, Oro Design offers several options to run both the hydraulic and air systems onboard the truck. Based on the application, systems can be powered by a traditional pump & PTO, or by using either a hydraulic power unit like the Miller EnPak® or an electric generator to run all pumps, heaters, and the air compressor. A wide range of combinations have been used successfully on custom trucks we have built, giving us the experience and know-how to make your lube truck power system both reliable and cost-effective.


Nine  Integrated Electrical Systems.
   To Help Keep Technicians Safe and Efficient

All electrical systems are fully integrated into every ORO body using automotive industry standard components and practices. Front and mid-junction panels feed power to the systems throughout the body via a loomed wiring harness, which uses automotive connectors and sealed and heat-shrunk joints. A number of electrical accessories and lighting options such as work and flood lights, as well as boosting systems, inverters, backup cameras and even electrical generators can be added to your truck to help keep your field service teams safe and efficient when they go to work.


ORO 12M6 Mechanic Series Truck With Lube Deck


Ten  Combination Fuel and Lubrication Bodies.
   A True Work Horse For Large Remote Sites

A fuel-lube truck that incorporates the quality and craftsmanship of our lubrication bodies and fuel trucks into one unit – this is our goal when designing every fuel-lube truck we build. In addition to this, we incorporate best-in-class safety features and a robust fuel dispensing system to give you the best value for your equipment dollars – period.

An ORO fuel-lube truck is designed from the ground up to perform by combining our market-leading lubrication body with a fuel tank designed for service in harsh conditions. Tanks are available in both steel and aluminum construction with capacities up to 5,000 gallons for conventional chassis and 8,000 gallons on articulated chassis. All fuel tanks are spring mounted with a composite isolation strip between the truck and tank frames to withstand off-road use. All fuel tanks also come standard with fully welded steel fenders over the axles as well as rollover protection rails along the top of the tank to protect the man holes from damage in the event of a rollover. Our basic fuel-lube package also includes a heavy-duty rear push bumper and tow hooks, underbody toolboxes, and a choice of either front or rear access ladder.





















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