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ORO Mechanic Tandem Series Manlift Body




One   Designed and Built for Mining Conditions.
    Above and Under Ground

Whether it’s a mechanic body with a man lift and crane for servicing your largest equipment or a custom-built water truck insulated for arctic conditions, our mining support equipment is built heavy to stand up to years of harsh mining conditions and keep on going. With equipment operating in open pit and underground mines across Canada for over 15 years, we have built a reputation for manufacturing equipment that just won’t quit.

ORO Tote Lube in Mine


Two  Multiple Models for Specialized Chassis.
   Straight-Frame, Articulated or Specialized Underground Chassis Available

Based on the equipment and application, a number of different chassis options are available to ensure your equipment can operate in any terrain. In addition to standard straight frame chassis, we offer lubrication, water, and fuel bodies for installation on articulated off road chassis. ORO Design has also developed a number of underground support bodies to be installed on the Miller Max line of chassis built by Miller Technology.


Three   Cold Weather Systems for Arctic Conditions.
   Keep Things Running Smooth No Matter the Conditions

Severe cold can bring mining operations to a standstill without the right equipment. To operate effectively in the harsh Canadian climate, we integrate a number of cold weather and heating systems into all of our mining support equipment. Diesel-fired heaters to maintain engine heat, in-tank heating systems for oils, and insulated bodies all help ensure your technicians can do their jobs safely and efficiently no matter how bad the conditions get.

ORO 20M8 Mechanic Truck Servicing Equipment


Four   Standard Platform - Custom Requirements.
   Custom Engineered Equipment for Unique Mining Requirements

ORO truck bodies are the result of over a decade of design and development. The products of these efforts are heavy-duty bodies built to withstand tough mining conditions and provide years of trouble-free service. When unique applications call for a custom design, we leverage this experience to engineer a custom body to meet your needs.


Five  Maintenance and Support.
   Ensuring That Your Fleet is Ready for the Next Service Call

Equipment down time is never a good thing - it means lost revenue and repair costs too. All ORO service equipment comes with a commitment that when equipment goes down, there is a full support network available to get things back up and running quickly. Whether its replacement parts and pre-packaged service kits or no-charge troubleshooting and full service repairs, ORO Design will be there to ensure your equipment is always ready and running for the next call that comes in.


ORO 16M8 Mechanic Truck With Loader


















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