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ORO Mechanic Tandem Series Manlift Body


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  A Full Line of Tire Service Equipment.
  For Everything from 18.00-25's up to 18,000 Lbs. Tires

Whether the job takes you into an open pit mine or the side of the road, ORO Design offers a full line of tire bodies, cranes, and manipulators to service all sizes of tire. Every ORO tire truck incorporates over a decade of design and manufacturing experience into one robust platform built to withstand harsh job site conditions while helping your technicians work safely and efficiently. ORO Bodies can be constructed from either steel or aluminum and configured with a number of compartment sizes and layouts.


  Integrated Stellar® Crane and Tire Manipulator.
   The Best Crane in the Industry - Period

Designed to be the smoothest operating, most reliable crane on the market, Stellar® tire cranes and manipulators are available with capacities ranging from 3,650 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. Offering uncompromising performance and reliability, every Stellar® crane is backed by a range of replacement parts available next day out of dealer locations across North America.


   A Focus on Lower Total Life-Cycle Cost.
   Cost Savings Built Into Every Truck

A tire service fleet represents a major capital investment with significant ongoing costs of operation and maintenance. Because of this, every service truck needs to be looked at from a total life-cycle cost perspective. By using a longer lasting heavy-duty service body and crane and the ability to fully rebuild these components, operators can significantly extend the working life of their tire trucks and amortize the investment over a longer time period. Our tire trucks and cranes can also incorporate the Miller EnPak power unit to eliminate truck idling, resulting in direct fuel and maintenance cost savings.


   Fully Integrated Tools and Accessories.
   Factory Installed So Your Truck Shows Up Ready to Work

Every tire body we sell can be equipped with a range of options and accessories right from the factory. Whether you need a lift gate, tire inflation cages, or even tire tool packages, we have it all. We also offer full air, hydraulic, electrical and lighting packages such as work light and amber warning lights, which means everything is factory installed and the truck is delivered to you ready to work.


  Standard Platform - Custom Requirements.
   Custom Engineered Tire Trucks for Unique Requirements

ORO truck bodies are the result of over a decade of design and development. The products of these efforts are heavy-duty tire bodies, cranes, and manipulators built to withstand tough environments and provide years of trouble-free service. When unique applications call for a custom design, we leverage this experience to engineer a custom tire truck package to meet your needs. We also offer the following specialized tire equipment to deal with unique tire service applications:

  Fork Lift and Loader Mounted Tire Manipulators: Used in mining operations where tire
  weight is a challenge for a standard tire truck. Available in capacities up to 35,000 Lbs.

  Underground Tire Crane and Manipulator: Our patented design is ideal for confined
  space operations in underground mine environments where typical tire service
  equipment won’t fit.

  Overhead Shop Crane Manipulators: For changing tires inside a shop environment, our
  line of overhead crane mounted tire manipulators help change tires safely and quickly
  without the need for a dedicated tire truck.


  Maintenance and Support.
   Ensuring That Your Fleet is Ready for the Next Service Call

Equipment down time is never a good thing - it means lost revenue and repair costs too. All ORO service equipment comes with a commitment that when equipment goes down, there is a full support network available to get things back up and running quickly. Whether its replacement parts and pre-packaged service kits or no-charge troubleshooting and full service repairs, ORO Design will be there to ensure your equipment is always ready and running for the next call that comes in.



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